Arrow Season 2: The Tao of Sebastian Blood

Being positioned as the Big Bad on a television series can be quite an opportunity. Let’s face it: Good guys are inherently boring. It takes shades of gray (and some killer abs) to make heroes interesting. Because we know the Arrow is always going to win in the end, it’s incumbent upon the writers to give him interesting bad guys to work with, and challenge our hero in ways we haven’t seen before. In season one, Arrow gave us the incomparable John Barrowman as Oliver’s number one bad guy. Though I wouldn’t classify Barrowman as a “great” actor, he’s certainly not boring. He was engaging, present, and conveyed power in the right ways to make the season work. With the entire season revolving around Oliver’s attempts to get revenge, Barrowman became the linchpin of the season. The show flounders if he’s bad, and excels if he’s good. Fortunately for us all, Barrowman was quite good.



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