Ravenswood Season 1 Review “I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead”

On the latest episode of “Ravenswood,” Remy decided to go all Dream Warrior on us, and try and confront her nightmares head on, in “I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead.” After stabbing her dad and nearly stabbing Luke to boot, she checked herself into a place that studies night terrors and the like and did the whole sleep study thing, while doctors monitored her. It did not go well, but it would have gone a lot worse if Miranda hadn’t managed to swoop in and save the day.

So, we discovered that the man with a knife haunting Remy’s dreams had plagued her before, back when she was all of seven, and she had even drawn the pictures to prove it. However, the nightmares went away for a while, but clearly they were back in full force, and the reason was because the man in question was also the preacher who took part in the pact that Remy witnessed via flashback or whatever you want to call what she saw in a previous episode. What he wants to know is how Remy witnessed what she did, and I’m right there with him.




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