Klondike (Discovery Channel) Review Episode 2

Can there be civilization in the wild?

That is a question that was best answered by the late, great Deadwood, but Klondike takes a stab at it in its plodding second episode. The miniseries slows down considerably, offering up more character study than an adventure narrative as Belinda, Jack London, Meeker, The Count and Sabine move to the forefront.

The Count and Byron’s unseen (until the last frame) killer represent the worst of humanity. The Count in particular, connives, kills and humiliates with abandon. He wants to own the town of Dawson and all of the people in it. Tim Roth pulls of the role of the evil land grabber with flair; it is easy to despise the man as he attempts to manipulate Belinda, and even easier to cheer when she outmaneuvers him.




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