Arrow Season 2 Review “Blind Spot”

I really wish that I had better things to say about this week’s Arrow, but unfortunately I don’t. There were some things I liked about it, but more things that bothered me and just felt wrong. It’s not that it was terrible. It just wasn’t very good.

Let’s start with the dialog. This is usually not really a complaint of mine because the writing is generally ok. Sometimes it’s even pretty good. However, I found myself rolling my eyes an awful lot during this episode because of the dialog. To say that it was clunky is being generous. There were a number of scenes that felt like they’d been cut together from bits of other scenes, and they just didn’t flow smoothly at all. For instance, Oliver mentioned that Roy isn’t big on sharing his feelings. Then Diggle throws in something about neither he nor Oliver are big on sharing and caring. But the way that scene played felt like that statement was thrown in there as a preamble to something else that never manifested. Almost all of the island dialog made me cringe. It felt generic and insincere, and I couldn’t help but roll my eyes.



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