Justified Season 5 Review “Good Intentions”

Justified has always been a slow burn, so it’s no great surprise that this week’s episode meandered a bit. I’m just not clear on what our overarching story is for the season. We have all these little offshoots of various drug deals and WT power plays. I would prefer to have a bigger story so we don’t mired down in too many random characters that appear for a couple episodes and are then gone.

Raylan is still living large in Monroe’s house, and Monroe is desperate to get him out of there. When a guy with a baseball bat shows up, Raylan thinks that Monroe is behind it. When Art learns of Raylan’s visitor, he assigns Brooks to move into the mansion. Bye bye bachelor pad. She scores the best line of the episode when she tells Raylan, “Call me if you’re going to be late for supper.”




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