'Ravenswood' - 'I'll Sleep When I'm Dead': Remy's 'Nightmare on Elm Street' brings murderous Abadon back

On the latest "Ravenswood," the scares are plentiful when Remy goes "Nightmare on Elm Street" on us and the murderous preacher throws her a tea party.The CurseRemy checks into a sleep clinic and during the admission process, finds out she's been dreaming about Gabriel Abadon, the murderous preacher, and his three-sided knife since she was seven years old. Um, yikes. Then when she falls asleep, she finds herself in her childhood bedroom and watches as said murderous preacher goes after her young self. After she seemingly scares him away, he grabs her from behind and Remy wakes up from the dream. Double yikes. It was quite scary, we jumped a foot when she was grabbed by Abadon. In a later dream, Remy is confronted by a terrifying clown doll and the preacher attacks her -- and then has a tea party with her. No, we're not making a joke. It turns out he wants to...



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