New Girl Recap: Birthday Breakdown

There are some people out there — probably not many of whom are reading this — who don’t much care for Zooey Deschanel. The way one cartoon character wandering in the desert may see his companion as a walking chicken drumstick or steak dinner, this unimpressed faction sees Deschanel as a polka-dot ukulele with bangs for strings. She seems to navigate the everyday world with the breezy touch of a fairy-tale princess. Her cartoon likeness graces the front page of HelloGiggles, the Internet’s Lisa Frank Trapper Keeper, a website so sweet and gentle that its edgiest features are the peaks of the “www” in its URL. I say this with zero judgment. That description could also be summed up as “my kind of person.” I have been described (by HelloGiggles contributor Meghan O’Keefe, no less) as a “human cupcake.” I value niceness more than most people (in part because it’s how I was raised, and in part because it is my greatest natural defense against predators). I think there should be more places where people can be sweet without fear of being torn to shreds by the wolves lurking in the comments section. (The assumption here being that some wolves live with their parents.)  Read More...


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