Supernatural Recap: Cain Enabled


Like a stoner discovering a forgotten ice cream sandwich in the freezer, it's frankly amazing Supernatural hadn't gotten to the Cain and Abel story yet. Over eight seasons, this show had nearly depleted the story lines from Paradise Lost, the Judeo-Christian creation myth, and had even (glancingly) incorporated the central deities of the other prominent world religions. But how had the writers missed Cain and Abel? The most classic brother saga of all time pre-Winchester? Well, the question is moot now because this week we finally got Supernatural's take on the "father of murder" when it introduced Cain himself into the proceedings. And guess what? Turns out Cain is very rad and chill. Not only did Supernatural retcon Cain's motivations for fratricide (he was protecting Abel from falling under the sway of Lucifer), it suggested that he became the original Knight of Hell, created the other knights, and then systematically murdered most of them after they'd kidnapped his wife. Credit where credit's due: Everything about this new backstory and even Cain's current life as a peaceful beekeeper were instantly better than the one in the Bible. If only "First Born" could have been that compelling all the way through. Read More...


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