Justified Recap: A Powerful Thang


The key line in "Good Intentions" comes from Boyd, who's taunting a captured drug distributor, Cyrus, who he thinks tipped off the guys who stole his drug shipment. He wants to know whom Cyrus squealed to. Specifically, he wants to know which woman Cyrus squealed to. How does he know it was a woman? "Come on now, son," Boyd says. "Pussy is a powerful thang."


Expect that last sentence to get sampled and sampled and sampled and sampled by pop musicians over the next few years. The sentiment is most of film noir and probably half of all crime fiction summed up in five words. Boyd may be crude, but he's not wrong. Boyd proves he's not wrong later in the episode, when he momentarily forgets his oft-professed love for his dear, incarcerated Ava and takes off his shirt so that Lee Paxton's wife Mara can inspect his tattoos — not just visually, either — and then guide Boyd's hand toward the first word in the sentence Boyd hissed at Cyrus. This might be the sexiest scene in Justified's five seasons to date, an absolute scorcher; the way it goes to the edge of innuendo and then pitches itself over reminds me of how movies used to do "sexy" in the fifties and early sixties, when there was no Hays code but it was still impossible to release sexually frank films to mainstream theaters. There's talk of cold hands and blood flowing to other parts and in former Soviet Union, infidelity commits you; okay, I made that last part up, but my point is, Boyd's onto something.   Read More...



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