New Girl Review: Cake Patrol

At long last, we've reached a happy medium.

New Girl Season 3 Episode 13 wasn't a mind-blower, but it also wasn't half bad. Sound your horns and raise your tiny, adorable cupcakes! New Girl is back-ish, and that is good enough for me.

And not only that - it actually did New Girl Season 2 one better in the realm of Jess's character development.

The moment where Jess mistook a child's birthday party set-up for her own was a great, quiet insight into the character, a sort of thing that the show has never really tried before. In New Girl Season 1, the show hit us over the head with Jess's Lady Urkel schtick, which made her seem less an adorable mess than an unlikeable space alien who learned about humanity from an Anthropologie catalog.  Read More...



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