Supernatural Review: Lethal Weapon

It’s interesting to think that earlier in the Supernatural saga, it was Sam who appeared destined for darkness with his demonic blood powers and eventually the realization that he was Lucifer’s vessel.

At the same time, it was Dean on the flip side of that coin as Michael’s vessel.

Sure, the two eventually broke through the black and white concept of the apocalypse, but I find it creatively clever that Supernatural Season 9 seemingly has the Winchester brothers headed in the opposite direction.

Sam seems more aligned with the angels and grace, where Dean - especially after this recent episode - appears headed down a dark path with the demons.

But even so, I still think that their bond as brothers and their desire to fight for family will ring true in the end no matter what obstacles tear them apart or dilemmas rise up to meet them. At least I hope so. Read More...


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