Pick up the pase

From bad to worse!

Oh my gosh what is going on here. Is it just me or is this putting everyone else to sleep too??? This whole Lucian Alliance thing is so boring. Can the script writers not think of any better storylines? I think this series is going down like a flame and does not compare to the other series of Stargates!

Bring on the aliens, other stargate foreign visitors, new crew members, more information about the ship and show us new interesting planets, weapons, and technology!!!!!!

Come on guys pick up the pace



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Jun 15, 2010 3:22PM EDT

I suggest that you learn how to spell before you go around criticizing writers... the correct spelling here is "pace" not "pase".

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Jun 16, 2010 8:41AM EDT

I am really starting to get annoyed at the fact that i have not seen ONE single sidereel "critic" pick up on the IMPORTANT facts about what the writers have actually achieved. From the very first episode to the last few episodes leading up to the season finale, they have been consistent in telling us each and everyone of the crew aboard Destiny...ever asked yourself why this is????....no, no you have not.
This season finale was brilliant. It showed me that all the time they were building up the characters, it was because they need us to feel that this is a different show from SG1 and thus giving us a new direction. When stargate atlantis first started, they made the HUGE ERROR in not doing this and just thought that they could start the season with almost similar characters to SG1, thinking that this would be enough to carry on a show...and it failed and became VERY repetitive.
So now that we have all the crew's characters in place, having a season ending like that gave me the impression that the crew is going to go through a lot of character loses and make the show darker. which is definitely going to very interesting when it comes to the actual scenes when they meat new aliens on different planets.

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Jun 17, 2010 12:02AM EDT

I don't know what show your watching, but the whole Lucian Alliance story is really, really good. There's drama, action, and great dialog. I know it's not the Stargate we all liked, but the show has really picked up from the first few episodes. SGU is more about the characters than the tech or aliens, it's about the struggle for humanity....
Plus if you don't like it, don't watch it.

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Jan 24, 2011 8:10AM EST

The idea for the show as good, at first, but now...the God message or particle? Impossible...the crew..if they could get along, would have to travel to the center of the universe, the original spot of the big bang to solve that problem, and the way they are, they'll kill each other in another year.

The ship, while immortal in itself might make it but that's millions of light years away, and even with the Destiny, thousands of years away. They become a generation ship...but there isn't enough people on board to make it happen, and inbreeding would kill them if their childish mentality didn't and even before that, some madman would be in charge and use them for his own sick experiments, like our good Dr. wants to now..thinking only of himself. This is the end of the SG franchise, keeping SGA, with the original crew, would have been ten thousand times better.

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