Nashville Review: Co-Dependent Relationships

It could all go away.

That's what country superstar turned PR disaster Juliette Barnes thought as her world continued to fall apart around her.

The fallout from Juliette breaking up America's favorite couple and screaming "There is no God" only grew worse on Nashville Season 2 Episode 12.

I would say that Juliette has reached a real low. Then again, if you got that kind of lashing from your boss wouldn't you be hiding under the covers or in the bottle? Thank goodness she only puked and didn't pull a Jolene!

We all know through Rayna's dealings with Jeff that he is a snake. (By the way there are a lot of harsher words I'd prefer to use.) He is stubborn, blunt and rude. But - my goodness - he also just might be lacking a conscience. He has a lot of balls to march into Juliette's house and gut her like that.  Read More...


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