Chicago PD Review: Conflict Resolution

Maybe Katie can stay in the van for a bit because Chicago PD Season 1 Episode 3 went after gun dealers and getting D’Anthony out of the gang.

The final few minutes when D’anthony and Voight talked and waited for his Aunt were almost sugary sweet for Voight as he reassured D’Anthony that he was going to make it and change his life around.

It was a great scene. D’Anthony was able to get out of a bad situation with a little rough justice from Voight and it featured the possibility of echoing what Voight has done with Erin and her history.

Voight is very much still straddling both sides of being good and bad. There are moments where he teeters: in one scene he’s shown taking money from his gang informant for information and later he’s giving that money to D’Anthony to help get him started.



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