Shameless Review: Trying To Fill A Void

Despite spending the first two episodes of the season immobile, Frank put a little pep in his step in order to impress his long lost daughter Sammi.

Yes, Shameless Season 4 Episode 3 introduced us to Frank's eldest spawn.

Of course, since this is Frank Gallagher we are discussing, he didn't just go an introduce himself by saying "hey sweetheart, it's me pops." First. he bribed some middle-schooler using a joint to punch his grandson in the face so that Frank could look like the doting protective stranger.

Not to be a complete jerk, but doesn't Chuck remind anyone else of the kid from Bad Santa?

So then Sammi thought Frank was this random good Samaritan and insisted on taking him to dinner. She was even more smitten when she found out she and Frank had so much in common. Gosh, can you imagine the odds of that?! Oh, wait, I can because they are actually father and daughter!

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