Was New Girl Plagiarized? FOX Series Creators Sued for Copyright Infringement Over Comedy Pilot

It's look like one of FOX's original comedies might not be so original after all! The network, as well as New Girl's creators, are being sued for plagiarizing a comedy pilot script that sounds dangerously familiar to Jess Day's adventures with her bachelor roommates. A FOX TV favorite is in hot water, in light of a recent copyright infringement scandal! According to EW, Twenty-First Century Fox and the creators of New Girl are being sued for blatant plagiarism. The lawsuit claims that the pilot episode of the hit comedy New Girl is a direct rip-off of the failed series "Square One," which follows the author's real-life experience of moving into a three-man bachelor pad after discovering her husband was having an affair. The writers of Square One are seeking credit as New Girl's "true creators," as well as a signifcant sum in damages. Will you enjoy New Girl any less knowing that it might not be quite as "original" as you thought? Sound off in the comments, and stick with us at Celebified for more TV news.


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