Space Dandy Episode #03 (Dubbed) Anime Review

Another week of Space Dandy means it’s time for another anime auteur to get their chance in the spotlight. This week it’s Hiroshi Hamasaki who’s doing the storyboarding and directing. Hamasaki worked for years as a key animator for Madhouse, and helmed Texhnolyze, Steins;gate, and Shigurui: Death Frenzy. From the look of the deadly space monsters in the trailer, I expected we’d see a horror episode from Hamasaki, and I was right.

None of Dandy’s alien finds have passed muster with Scarlet, so in desperation he attempts to pass of Meow wearing a costume. When this predictably fails to deliver a paycheck, Dandy and Meow grow desperate for something to eat. In an attempt to feed her living companions, QT orders some cheap frozen dinners from 10,000 light years away, but the vile things make Meow sick. Dandy decides he needs to go to Boobies, and although he doesn’t have any money, he does have a nifty Boobies points card which will get him a free meal. Unfortunately, the card is due to expire before the Aloha Oe will be able to reach the restaurant, so Dandy dares to use the warp drive, once again tearing the fabric of spacetime.



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