Nobunagun Episode #01 – 02 Anime Review

We start Nogunagun with a weapon otaku, Ogura, having a dream about being Oda Nobunaga himself. The direction is quite interesting, because it keeps labeling everything that passes by the camera, from a replica gun to her booty. When I watched it the first time, I found it quite peculiar. Honestly, it has not gotten less peculiar. Unfortunately for Ogura, the teacher doesn’t even remember that she’s in the class.

Things don’t stay so relatively normal in good old Japan though. A fishing boat is attacked by a monster underwater, leading to the events of the later part of the episode where Ogura pilot the circle-ball thing. But everything that shows Ogura is quite good at characterizing her, even without the little bits of helper text. She’s lazy and sort of forgetful, but tragically isolated from the rest of her class—largely her own doing, though about 1,000 times better than Tomoko of Watamote fame. Her isolation is mostly due to her own weirdness than a social disorder. In fact, she’s so normal by herself, the others in her class think that she likes being alone.



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