‘Arpeggio Of Blue Steel’ Live Concert Gets 3D Modeled Anime Music Clip

Flying Dog continues to engage its fans by providing a lot of material to look forward to in the music realm when it comes to this series and the upcoming Arpeggio of Blue Steel live concert. The production company behind the show has put out a few promotional videos so far with an extensive look at the music but not we’ve got a new music clip that’s been done using some 3D modeling of three of the leads which is pretty fun to watch. The Japanese event taking place on December 1st at Zepp Tokyo where they’ll be doing a live performance for it with many of the actresses/singers there to help promote the show. Zepp Tokyo, one of many small concert halls across the country, has a 2000+ capacity to it and I wouldn’t be surprised to see this kind of performance find its own way to a DVD or Blu-ray in the future.




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