Series 8 of smallville the first episode

Well here we are, Series 8 of smallville at last.

What can i say? I was hesitant in wanting to watch it even though i'm a big fan of the show, because what an ending series 7 was (Boring and dull) but the writers have done it again. They have made a good episode. Not as good as some of the first premiere episodes but i was hooked.

Even though Lex and Lana will be missed i think that the show can go on without them because i didnt notice that they were gone.

In saying that i might change my mind after a couple of episodes because it might sink in that they have left.

As i read on here after episode 10 Smallville is shutting down production for a while and the writer's are going to talk about the future of smallville. If they have ther heads screwwed on that day they will keep Smallville for a couple more series because they have new charactors now that look promising. Even the woman (Cant remember here name) that has taking over from Lex.

New charactors, new storylines so it has potential to go on for a while now.

It seems like Smallville is starting afresh going in a new direction so what is to say they cant make more series seeing epi 1 of series 8 i can see that they can.

Hopefully they can pull this off and give fans a few more years of what we all want...


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