'Duck Dynasty' - 'Life of Si': It's a 'duck'-umentary

The main event of this week's "Duck Dynasty" is that Uncle Si sees the guys watching a video of a guy riding a bike with a helmet cam and Si decides he should wear one and show everybody the world through his eyes.Life of SiJase says, "No one wants to see the world through the eyes of Si Robertson," but we beg to differ, dude. A kinda cuckoo 65-year-old who needs help recording something on the VCR? We absolutely want to see a day in the life of that man.Si says he's "part Six Million Dollar Man, part Robocop." Or it's like the crazy miner from a "Scooby-Doo" episode got himself a camera."I gotta tell the folks back home what's goin' on," says Si, as they traipse out into the woods. "You realize that's not hooked up to a satellite, nobody's watchin' that right now?" responds Jep. Tee hee.The rest of the guys are going...



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