Parenthood Season 5 “You’ve Got Mold” Review

Oh Parenthood writers, won’t someone, anyone think of the kids?!? I’m kidding, but watching Victorfinally getting along with his sister was such a bittersweet moment preceding the devastating news that Joel was moving out of the house. With Joel out of the house and Julia finally letting her parents know that she needed some support, I hope we can get a little reprieve from all of this Joel/Julia sadness. Well, technically, fans will have a reprieve from all the Parenthood-related feels until February 27 because of the winter Olympics.

Thankfully, the writers had a little mercy on its fans and gave us a breakthrough with Camille and Zeek. I’m glad that Zeek finally spoke up about the fact that his wife’s body is home, but her mind is elsewhere. I suspected that Zeek would finally compromise and sell the house. It was the grand gesture that Camille needed, as she finally appeared to reconnect with her husband. Based on the previews, it doesn’t look like Julia’s marital woes will be enough to make Zeek and Camille postpone their decision to sell the house. I’m sure I wasn’t the only Parenthood fan wondering how perfect it would be if Jasmine and Crosby ditched their moldy abode and bought the family home.



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