Reign Season 1 Review “For King and Country”

The last time we saw Reign, Mary was riding off into the sunset with her fiancé’s illegitimate brother and, while other shows might have converted this turn of events into an unimaginative love triangle with nothing more riding on her choice of suitor than who the fans think is more dreamy, Reign has better and more interesting things to be getting on with. Within 15-minutes of ‘For King and Country’, then, Bash and Mary had returned to face the music.

We get the impression that nothing more than some mildly enticing adventure occurred between the two but, after the many twists and turns of this episode, that might all be about to change. While I have some major issues with the drama and tension being based around an unconvincing prophecy about Francis’ demise (which he immediately and satisfyingly ridicules in this episode), I can’t deny that the fallout from the mid-season finale isn’t incredibly engaging and game changing. Even if the rest of the cast wake up and realise how ridiculous it is to decide the fate of countries around a vague premonition, there’s no going back now.



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