Bones Season 9 Review “Big in the Phillipines”/”The Master in the Slop”

I was at a media event last week and wasn’t home when Bones aired, so I didn’t get to see “Big in the Philippines” and will only be doing a short review before moving on to “The Master in the Slip.” I’m beginning to think that’s almost for the best because that episode turned me into a blubbering mess and I’m not sure how much sense I would’ve made if I had to do a big, long review for it.

Never in a million years did I see Wendell getting bone cancer. I had heard that there were “challenges” coming for the group, but I didn’t think that one of those challenges would be one of them getting a highly fatal disease. When Wendell was telling Brennan he wanted to give up, I expected her to stop him. When he was packing up his car in the rain, I kept waiting for someone to Booth to show up and continue his argument for fighting. But in the end, I’m glad that the decision to fight came from Wendell himself. I’d love to say that I have complete confidence that he will beat it, but we all know that Bonesisn’t afraid to break out hearts so it really could go either way. For now, I’m happy that he’s chosen to be remembered in the right way.



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