Grimm Season 3 Review “The Wild Hunt”

On this week’s Grimm, there is a whole mess of family drama as Monroe deals with his parents, Juliette tries to connect with Nick’s mother, and Adalind faces the horrors of pregnancy.

We start with Monroe and Rosalee, who are the epitome of cuteness. Monroe takes Rosalee out for a night on the town, and acts like he’s some kind of baller, dropping $175 on a bottle of wine. It is pretty clear when they got back home that Rosalee is disappointed. She must’ve thought Monroe was going to propose at dinner. Instead, at the end of the night, he just wants to talk about his latest clock. But, in one of the most romantic proposals ever, the ring is in the cuckoo clock! We’re going to have a Wesen wedding – that’s going to be very exciting. I wonder if this is also going to put some pressure on Juliette and Nick to make their union official.



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