Shameless Season 4 Review “Like Father, Like Daughter”

We knew from the moment we heard her name that Samantha Gallagher was going to spell trouble for the rest of the family on Shameless and, despite only interacting with Frank in ‘Like Father, Like Daughter’, that trouble has already begun. Meanwhile, Fiona has discovered her own addiction to “the rush of life”, Lip has taken both a step forward and a step back with college, and there’s definitely something fishy going on with Debbie’s new boyfriend (either that or he’s a nice guy?!).

The biggest story of the night, as is the case most of the time, was watching Fiona sabotage of her new life. We spend most of the episode hearing about and witnessing the middle-class problems of Mike’s family from Fiona’s perspective but, when she meets a kindred spirit in Robbie, things quickly escalate. You could see it all over her face after she realized what actually went down on the kitchen counter – she had something really great going for her and now, because she resumed her usual Gallagher behavior, she might lose her job as well as her man. The way she looked at Frank in those final moments said it all – she knows she’s an addict and she hates it about herself.



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