House of Lies Season 3 Review “Boom”

The relationship between Marty and Jeannie is delightfully complicated, a fact Showtime has capitalized on in their excellent promos for the third season. They’re friends, possible lovers, rivals, and colleagues. If it’s this hard to figure it out knowing as much about both of them as we do, it’s got to be even harder for the characters since they only know what the other reveals. This week’s House of Lies, “Boom”, explored their relationship the best of any episode of the series so far.

There’s an old saying, “Always plant a truth inside a lie. It makes it easier to swallow.” Though Jeannie didn’t exactly lie to Benita to get her to play whistleblower on Galweather’s handling of the DOD account, she definitely misled her with that story about how you can lose yourself when you’re surrounded by the wrong people. The story was easy for Benita to swallow because planted inside of it was a truth. The truth of Jeannie’s relationship with Marty.



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