The Following Season 2 Review “For Joe”

On the latest episode of “The Following,” we found out a little more about our main antagonists thus far, the mysterious- and creepy- Mark and Luke, in “For Joe.” For one thing, they may not be genuinely a part of Joe’s “team.” As we saw towards the end of the episode, former acolyte Emma, who is kicking a sweet punk-rocker look, was under the impression Joe actually was dead. After all, it’s been a year and no one has heard from him, so when she called Carlos and he thought Joe was with her, it was news to her.

However, the team behind the subway incident and the murder of Heather has a phone that’s supposed to be only called by Joe, so they are clearly trying to send a message, plus they had several of their victims posed with Carroll’s book, so there’s that as well. I think that Carlos knows nothing beyond Carroll being alive, and as soon as Carroll makes his presence known, it’s lights out for Carlos, who the rest of the splinter group barely hide their disdain for, particularly Giselle, a shady French girl.



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