Hart of Dixie Season 3 Review “One More Last Chance”

When you’ve got a show so often twee and uneventful like Hart of Dixie, it’s important for fans to get what they want in terms of character development and relationships at regular intervals. Sometimes this doesn’t work out, as Zoe/George shippers must know all too well, but that doesn’t mean that allegiances can’t shift and new and interesting elements can’t develop elsewhere. This season of the show has been a trying time for absolutely everyone, with each character paired off with a newbie and seemingly no progress in returning to the season 1-2 status quo.

But the relationships that have been lost or put on hold have led each character to develop in ways they wouldn’t have been able to before. Zoe and Joel might be a strange pairing, but at least it means we can see Zoe hold on to part of her part while also accepting Bluebell as her permanent home. Wade is going through a similar process, though his is more pronounced, and his relationship with Vivian, while frustrating for Zoe/Wade fans, is a delight simply because it is forcing the character to grow up. I have no doubt in my mind which pairing is going to be ‘endgame,’ but now isn’t the right time.




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