How many pregnancies is too many? lol

So actually how many teens do u think will end up with kids by the end of this series? 10? 20? lmao. But seriously, how many teens (in a close-knit group) can realistically get pregnant on this show?!? They're pushing it! They need to start focussing more on quote unquote 'normal' teen issues, and if necessary sprinkle the pregnancies throughout - but a little more sparsely. lol



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Jul 13, 2010 4:02AM EDT

I totally agree with you. They should have touched on the abortion subject more.

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Jul 13, 2010 4:49PM EDT

I totally think Adrian should have gone through with the abortion. I've seen many storylines where teenage mothers decide to have abortions and change their minds at the last minute. I've never seen a show where someone actully went through with an abortion. I really think it could have drawn emmy buzz by showing that side and the aftermath of her decision.

Large newrachelimage
Jul 13, 2010 6:10PM EDT

@Mychal Good point. It's a rarity. Believe it or not, Friday Night Lights actually addressed the abortion issue SO MUCH BETTER in an episode that aired on NBC just last Friday. It was a superb episode, even if you aren't a regular watcher of the show:

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Jul 14, 2010 7:30AM EDT

I thought that Adriana would have the abortion, but then, i was thinking, how would her character go on in this show? I mean, they are saying that abortion for her is the only option, they dont even consider the risks of this, i mean, what she has to go through mentally, physically,how her body will react to it, and how this will affect her later on in life, i mean abortion can cause serious complications for the woman getting this done. But, there have been way to many pregnancies in this show, if they spread it out, over time, that it would be great, because you really would know what would happen. They need to focus on really "teenager" issues. Its more important that having a few pregnancy scares, and real pregnancies.

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