'Community': Hot lava on the ground, Troy saying goodbye in 'Geothermal Escapism'

"Community" should know by now that it's never, ever a good idea to play a school-wide game at Greendale. But is anyone really thinking clearly in the face of Troy leaving to sail around the world? The "Community: Lava World" erupting in "Geothermal Escapism" seems to indicate that the answer is a definitive no.Basically, this is another paintball episode. Only instead of paintball, everyone has to stand on furniture and avoid touching the floor. That's because the floor is deadly lava. Obviously. Abed starts the game as a goodbye present to Troy, and it's only Britta (yes, Britta) who seems to realize this is about a lot more than a $50,000 comic book prize.After all, will there be any more games once Troy is gone? And what happens when the lava is real?Fun stuffLike all Greendale games, Hot Lava goes very wrong, very quickly. This time it goes wrong a la "Mad Max" or...



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