Banshee 2.02 Review: “The Thunder Man”

After spending its first hour re-establishing Banshee‘s status quo, “The Thunder Man” quietly edges forward into season two material – which feels a lot like season one material, even with Hood mostly pushed to the fringes of the narrative (save for the episode’s two best scenes). Oddly enough, the episode turns its focus to the women of Banshee, the prisoners trapped in the games of the men around them – but does so without really having anything to say about it all.

The most obvious of these come between Ana and Siobahn, whose scenes are literally intercut with each other through the entire episodes, conversations with others bleeding into each other to create the very overt feeling of being trapped by circumstance. It comes in some very, very odd forms, however: where Ana has to deal with a drug-addled husband and unbelievably nasty women in (county) jail, Siobahn comes face to face with the man responsible for her scar, an abusive ex-boyfriend who is nothing but a faceless man spewing misogynistic garbage at Siobahn for the hour. In a way, they are the ‘Thunder Men’ the episode is titled after – but instead of using their situations to display this, it becomes about petty dramas and predictable scenarios where Ana and Siobahn express the same empty, violent characteristics the men in this world do. There’s no distinction made between their personal tribulations and the overall nature of this world: and by sticking the two characters in cliched situations, the brutality of their conclusions becomes more empty spectacle, than a shocking display of a human unraveling for a moment (an emotion an audience can use as escapist spectacle, something Banshee normally excels at).



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