Bones 9.13 Review: “Big in the Philippines”

In recent years when a television show was sent to air on Friday nights, it usually meant the show was destined to be cancelled. With many households having a DVR, a great TV show can air any day of the week and still earn respectable ratings. Bones is one of those shows. Even though I am not home on Friday nights to watch my favorite crime drama, I can still catch it on a lazy Saturday because of my trusty DVR.

The latest episode entitled, “Big in the Philippines,” was directed by the talented David Boreanaz. And let me tell you, it was a very powerful hour.  The remains of a country music singer Colin Hayes were discovered in a community garden covered in coyote vomit. Once at the lab, the team determines the killer broke Hayes legs in order to toss him in the shallow grave. This was done to dump the body quickly. Cam (Tamara Taylor) is the first one to figure out the body is male when she unearths his genitals while sifting through the remains. Bones always delivers the gore in a humorous fashion and this case was not any different.



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