The Following 2.01 Review: “Resurrection”

Welcome back to The Following, everyone’s favorite serial killer series – or, if we’re all being totally honest with ourselves, everyone’s favorite television show of all time, period. That’s right. The superiority of the Kevin Bacon-starring little-show-that-could(-kill) managed to throw its weight around enough to cross over onto other networks and get rid of trite things like Happy EndingsEnlightened,Southland and Bunheads to…ahem…CARVE…a bigger place for itself on television, because it knows that viewers are really only turning on their sets at night to watch DVR’ed episodes of The Following instead of all those other weird things (“Happy Endings!?” a Follower might say just before opening up The Collected Short Stories of Edgar Allan Poe. “There’s nothing happy about living in this world in-between seasons of The Following!”).



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