Archer 5.02 Review: “Archer Vice: A Kiss While Dying”

Meet the new Archer, which even the opening credits differentiates – Archer Vice has begun. While the setting of the series has pretty much changed completely, Archer Vice bears enough of a resemblance to its precedent that nothing is really lost in the translation. Sterling puts it crudely, saying that since the government has shut down their rogue agency, the natural turn of events would be that the ISIS group becomes a drug-dealing group. Outside of the requisite, half-hearted-because-she-knows-there’s-no-point attempts that Lana makes to explain why this is such a bad idea, she, Sterling and Pam get sent to Miami to initiate the deal that will Malory hopes will yield a bunch of money. All of the dialog and sight gags that Archer Vice uses are made of the same stuff that was responsible for why Archer was so clever and hilarious. So, if anyone was worried about the tone of Archer changing with the premise, they can breathe easy.



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