New Girl 3.13 “Birthday” Review: A True Hollywood Romance

Man, when New Girl gives us a great episode, it really gives us a great episode, and last night, that came in the form of “Birthday,” definitely my favorite episode of New Girl of this season, and one that will probably be near the top of my all-time favorites list from this show. “Birthday” featured laughs, a great character and couple storyline for Nick and Jess, and one heck of a heartwarming, guest star-featuring conclusion.

As the title would suggest, “Birthday” focuses on Jess’s birthday and her sometimes unrealistically ambitious expectations for her special day. (I loved the flashback we got to Jess reading the label on the shirt that Cece got her. “Made in China! You’re taking me to China?”) However, while these wild hopes and dreams of birthday surprises have caused Jess to spend the day at the movies by herself for her past few birthdays, this year, thanks to Nick, she has a surprise party waiting for her. The only problem is distracting Jess for the entire day before the party starts, an issue that, as we see throughout “Birthday,” Nick was not prepared to handle, ultimately resulting in some quite hilarious moments and one emotional exit from Jess.



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