The Mindy Project 2.14 Review: “The Desert”

I am sad to announce that The Mindy Project is taking another hiatus and will not be back until April 1st.  When I was watching the latest installment entitled, “The Desert,” I was not all that impressed. It was not until the final minutes, that I was left surprised. And know knowing I have to wait over two months to see what happens next has made me quite upset. What’s the deal, FOX?

This episode begins the day after the events that unfolded last week. Mindy (Mindy Kaling) is packing and heading back to New York City early. The previous night, Cliff (Glenn Howerton) broke up with her.  She is going to try to win him back.  Danny (Chris Messina) has asked if Mindy would travel with him to go meet his estranged father.  She declines, so instead he offers to give her a ride to the airport.  I am sure you know where this is going: Danny takes Mindy along for the trip to see his dad, and she is not happy about it.



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