Duck Dynasty 5.03 Review “Life of Si”

Hello everyone! So glad to be back again with everyone’s favorite duck hunting family in a new episode ofDuck Dynasty!

This episode was a lot of fun for one main reason- Si. Si is a fan-favorite character, and his quirky sayings and antics were at an all time high today, as he got the idea (from Jep, who DID accept blame) to make a movie about his life. Si then spent the rest of the day with a camera hanging down in front of his face (so you could see his reaction to stuff) and one on his chest (so you could see through the eyes of a shorter version of him). He was “part Robocop, part Six Million Dollar Man”, but he seemed to be the only one enjoying it.

Meanwhile (in a semi-weak, distracting sub-plot) Willie has scored LSU tickets due to another family’s misfortune (the flu). He seems excited to take John Luke and Sadie…who don’t seem nearly as excited as he is. Go Tigers!

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