The Middle 5.12 Review: “The Carpool”

What do an astronomy class, a carpool, and a basketball game have in common? They all taught the Hecks important life lessons in this episode of The Middle.

Back at college for the new semester and desperate to meet girls, Axl gets mistaken for being in an astronomy class and goes along with it when a girl invites him to a study group. An idiotic question like “that is the planet one and not the horoscope one, right?” was typical Axl, but I was surprised at the outcome of these latest shenanigans. He pushed himself to actually study for this class, while temporarily neglecting his registered classes. When the truth came out, he still ended up taking an important skill away from all this. He now knows how to study for his proper classes. Sometimes I worry about this kid, but he’s smarter than he appears to be at times.



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