Banshee 2.03 Review: “The Warrior Class”

Underneath the jittery cameras of “The Warrior Class” is one of the show’s more ambitious hours, one that finally tries to establish the multi-ethnic setting of Banshee, PA beyond the superficial construction of Indian Casino Group and Kai’s Amish Family. And while “The Warrior Class” doesn’t bring anything unique in the way of exploring rural racial tensions, the exploration of the town’s two secluded camps bring a new sense of atmosphere the show hasn’t really had before. More so, the hour shows some important signs of narrative progression, something the reset-button hitting first two episodes were too preoccupied to do.

The murder mystery at the heart of “The Warrior Class” serves a number of purposes, chief among them (no pun intended) deepening the Proctor/Longshadow feud, something that’s only alluded to in passing during the episode. The death of Lana by one of her own (good old creepy Nola) and the disappearance of her Amish boyfriend Soloman (Rebecca’s little brother) is a deft bit of orchestration by the Longshadow clan: not only does it drum up tension between Kai and his family (and the Amish and Native Americans), but it also has the ancillary benefit of unleashing the massive Chaton Littlestone on the white folks of Banshee, a darker-skinned, tattooed second coming of the behemoth in last season’s “Wicks”.



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