Dracula 1.10 Review: “Let There Be Light”

During last week’s episode of Dracula, Browning had promised us a catastrophe. They most certainly delivered and it made for incredible viewing.

It was finally time for the moment that Grayson had been waiting for. The moment of Grayson’s big demonstration was, at last, well within his reach. Everything he and Van Helsing planned for was finally happening. If only it was that simple. Order of the Dragon lackeys had tampered with the machine to make sure it blew up – Harker just assumed that it was to make sure the machine did not work. Harker was naïve to think that the plans would not have devastating consequences. After all, Grayson would have come back bigger and better than before. The Order needed to do something that would stop any plans. Grayson knew something was coming, his vampiric senses felt the deaths of those he had turned as the Order began to retaliate.




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