Reign 1.09 Review: “For King and Country”

And we’re back!  Hello happy Reign fans, aren’t we just so excited to get back into Mary’s love triangle and the political dealings of Scotland and France?   “For King and Country” opens with Bash and Mary on horseback in the woods.  In case you forgot about the entire plot of Reign over winter hiatus, this reminds us that Mary fled the castle in order to protect Francis from his own prophecy.  Bash is also fleeing because his mother got caught in a plot to give him the throne.  And just as a reminder, Mary still wears beautiful dresses and Bash is still undeniably hot.

So Mary and Bash are fleeing the castle on horses when they come to an abrupt stop at the top of a cliff.  And since Mary had already decided she couldn’t metaphorically take the plunge with Francis, she looks and leaps with Bash instead straight into a large body of water that I’m going to decide is a lake.



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