The Following 2.02 Review: “For Joe”

“For Joe,” as its name suggests, spends a lot of its time building around The Following‘s villain. Despite whatever minimally interesting things are going on with his followers, though, Joe remains geographically isolated and intellectually vapid. It’s a strange, almost comical way to end the piece-moving episode – to have Joe kill the reverend who has unintentionally identified him and to have Joe cradle his “niece” as she fearfully realizes her mother is coming back as the series title card pops onto the screen. It might be the maniacal laughter and gurgling that emanates from Joe’s bearded mouth or the over-the-top nature of the whole act, but the killing of the reverend is probably the least useful scene in terms of information that it gives us, making it a really ineffective way to end “For Joe,” which is an episode mostly about the people connected to Joe.



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