Teen Wolf 3.16 Review: ”Illuminated”

If anyone from MTV or Teen Wolf is reading this, why would you alter the opening theme music? Why fix something that isn’t broken? There was no reason to alter such a perfect theme, so hopefully they will either change in the next few weeks or it will be back to the way it sounded in season 4.

The interrogation scene was one of the funniest scenes in not just this episode, but in this season. Scott’s dad is clearly not going to get a break anytime soon apparently.

One of the few issues in season 3A was that they didn’t use Lydia enough which they should have, because Holland Roden is simply amazing. However, she is featured much more now and has a really cool arc. Did it look like the dark figures almost “took” her banshee voice in that scene when she was surrounded by them? Only time will tell.




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