After a fantastic part one this episode picks up with what might be the most inspired bit of man-out-of-time humor of the season: Ichabod stumbling into a Revolutionary War reenactment. Much as we might love him, Crane can be a bit of a smug know-it-all sometimes and it was great to see the wind knocked out of his sails as the woman dropped her act and told him to relax. As if the comedy of this scene wasn't enough, it also served a practical purpose as he realizes they might just sell him some clothes. Brilliant solution for Ichabod's wardrobe, but not as brilliant as his defiant argument to Jenny against letting go of the old threads: “Please. And risk it being worn ironically? By purveyors of a artisanal marmalade that discovered it at a local thrift shop? I thank you, no.” Wow, take that, hipsters. And way to start the hour.



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