Poor Dewey Crowe. Dude hits the jackpot (I mean, he'd kind of earned it, but let's ignore that for a second), gets a huge cash settlement, and gets robbed on both ends. All he wants is an endless supply of prostitutes. Is that so much to ask?

Well, it is.

"Good Intentions" was all about cousins. The season-long friction rolled out, revealing a Boyd Crowder vs. Cousin Darryl fight for power on the lower tiers of crime in Harlan County. Dewey Crowe is caught in the middle of it as both Boyd and Darryl are good manipulators and Cousin Darryl won his heart and mind by the end of it when it was revealed Good Ol' Wade had been skimming off the top for Boyd. Meanwhile, Cousin Johnny Crowder has returned and was behind Boyd's botched deal. It could've been almost anybody on the other end of that line, but Johnny was a nice touch.




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