The Vampire Diaries celebrated their 100th episode with a Katherine-centric episode that managed to pay tribute both to that character (and her convoluted mythology) and also expertly include nods to the show's history and all the characters that have weaved in and out through the years.

First and foremost, kudos to the TVD gang for bringing back so many characters here. Having Klaus and Rebekah visit Mystic Falls was a fun but less complicated move (being they're on a companion series), but as the hour progressed, the floodgates opened with one familiar face after another, almost all of whom have died along the way in this body count-happy series. I was frankly impressed just thinking about the logistics - I mean, that was a lot of work to get, say, David Anders or Sara Canning to Atlanta to shoot some really brief cameos! But it was certainly appreciated. Some, like John, Jenna and Elijah appeared as Damon-provided hallicunatons to Katherine, but it is interesting to ponder those who were there because of Bonnie and Jeremy's abilities to communicate with the dead, including Vicki and Alaric. It stands to reason they could be there at any point, which makes it a little tricky because in theory, we could be seeing Alaric speaking through Jeremy to Damon all the time, and yet we don't. That aside, it was simply nice to see everyone again like this and it was a very emotional, sweet scene when Vicki, Alaric and the returning Tyler all popped up within moments of one another.



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