The slow stage of Helix has ended and things are now moving fast and furiously. "Single Strand" threw a lot at us, which was very cool and exciting and also, we now can be as confused as the characters on the show. Well, almost. I'd like to believe that none of us would keep a potential Vector stashed in our room, even if she knew our secrets and seemed hella nice when she wasn't yelling at her imaginary boyfriend.

Hatake's "Keep Calm and Carry On" mug was awesomely appropriate, since the guy doesn't seem to be bothered by much of anything. He tells Alan he's content to let everyone on Level R die to protect those above, and he laughs in Balleseros's face (well, not really, but in essence) when the Major tries to rattle him. Hatake's "You don't have the intellectual capacity to evaluate my work!" was the line of the episode. It seems as though Hatake was hired by the U.S. government to create a virus they could weaponize, but turning people into super-strong goo-dripping Vectors was not part of the deal. If Balleseros even is an Army major.




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