Hart and Cohle's investigation into Dora Lange's murder finally beget some solid leads and possible suspects in this week's episode, the title of which refers to what Cohle at one point in his 2012 interrogation dubs the human mind.

The detectives' hunt leads them to a tent revival led by Shea Whigham's minister Joel Theriot, whose look is somewhere between trailer park trash and Looney Tunes. If Kid Rock ever became a preacher then he'd probably end up looking a lot like Theriot. As goofy as Theriot looks, though, his scenes are played straight. Whigham's preacher probably could've been a contender -- well, in his case, a televangelist star -- had he perhaps been a bit more magnetic and less, well, rockabilly rooster. I'd imagine this episode might not be the only time we'll see Whigham appear this season given the criminal past of some of his congregation, like that creepy eunuch Burt.



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