"For Joe" didn't exactly ramp up the tension, instead acting mostly as a more elaborated-on version of the season premiere - often relying on the same thrills that were introduced last week. In many cases, it was just textbook Following, for better or worse. Some creepy icks mixed with the usual character dynamics. Mark and Luke murdered some more folks, creating another tableau to get Joe's attention, while Hardy and the FBI continued to butt heads over the new cult kills.

The biggest difference here was that Joe was now a full part of the story - hiding out down in Arkansas with the town prostitute (another follower, played by True Blood's Carrie Preston), working on his awful Southern drawl. And developing a sort of "simple life" surrogate family with her and and her daughter, Mandy. That was until the local Reverend recognizes Joe, despite his burly beard, from TV news footage and thing got complicated. Like, "stabbing a dude" complicated.



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